A recent report by the Charities Aid Foundation (March 2013) in the UK Future World Giving projected global charitable giving at $224bn (£146bn) a year by 2030, if people in rapidly developing economies give in line with the UK **

“Governments and civil society across the world need to harness these powerful social trends. We need to prepare for these changes now to make sure that people can support the causes they care about with confidence and ease.” John Low, Charities Aid Foundation ***

Red Sea works with UK, US and European individual philanthropists, private foundations and trusts across a variety of causes. We’ve worked with a lot of the UK’s leading charities over the past four years, on various projects from pro-bono work for small charities to CEO work and intelligence search for the country’s largest. We work with charities, social enterprises, health agencies, arts bodies, membership organisations, government departments and corporations in CSR.

The roles we work on range in executive or senior management roles across fundraising and grant giving, policy and advocacy, communications and marketing, programme and project management, change management and strategy. For more information please download our brochure or view online.

Sources quoted * Websters, Wiki ** Charities Aid Foundation – Future Giving report 2013 ***John Lowe CEO Charities Aid Foundation