Red Sea is still a young company; while we aim to continue to grow, we also aim to remain a search and delivery focussed consultancy; a boutique consultancy, client and candidate focused, free from the restrictions of larger search firms. Our heart is to serve the markets, and continue to be a useful networker for those working in Philanthropy and International Development – be it Charities, Foundations, Corporations, Agencies, or Individual Donors.

We are project focussed – as a client you are engaged with us personally and the consultant relationship remains from engagement of the project to successful outcome.

Philanthropy and Global Development is a particularly fast changing marketplace, and we aim to be a ‘free spirit’; to be flexible and entrepreneurial enough to grow, but also free to adapt to the global marketplace. To be both a more creative and cerebral force in our search methods and selection process, while consistently delivering the highest standard of leadership talent to our clients – to engage more in an ever changing world and globalising workplace – to assist our clients in bringing leadership and vision to their organisations, and do a small part in ‘making the world a better place’.

We also aim to be a networking business to our clients and candidates, and to connect those organisations and individuals across all areas of the sector.